Nuvin Chamathka Perera: Diploma of Information technology

The course that I’m currently studying is the Diploma of Information Technology. I chose it is because IT is the future. What I love about the course is the friendly teachers that we have and also the high-quality facilities.

I chose UTS because the information that I got showed that UTS IT offers a higher quality of education that other universities and also provides a gateway to study in Australia.

I’m still learning how to overcome challenges but my current technique is to completely freak out at first, second consult other people e.g. family and friends. Finally, I start to strategize and tackle the problems head on.

UTS College has helped me in many different ways such as overcoming my fear of communicating with someone new or in groups of people as I’ve struggled with that before.  I’ve also found new ways of presenting projects.

I want to run my own company specializing in cybersecurity and data science as those are the most demanded sectors in the IT industry currently.

While I’m in Sydney I would like to learn how to surf (the internet lol).

The advice I would give to future students is to keep checking when assignments are due and to work on your time management so you don’t leave assignments to the last minute.

I was born and raised in Botswana for about 15 years, and then I moved to Sri lanka.
I would like to study Computer Science at UTS.

I’m looking forward to my study at UTS in Sydney as well as meeting different kinds of people and experiencing the different food I could eat.

What I love about UTS College is the friendly environment at the campus. ( and free WIFI lol!)

Message to future students:  If someone is considering to come to UTS College Sri Lanka I would give them the truth of how UTS College provides quality education, and that UTS cares about the students and shows how to improve the skills they lack in.

I love Netflix and chilling and I would either play squash when I have free time or sometimes, I would cook butter chicken or something else when I’m tired of eating rice. I like to experiment while I try out classic dishes.