Muzammil: Diploma of Business

I am currently studying the Diploma of Business which is the first year of the UTS degree program. I selected the Business Diploma at UTS because I was planning to complete a degree in Managerial Accounting.

The most extraordinary thing I've learned so far in this business diploma is that they provide a good foundation for business-related topics that might be useful if we focus in the second year on a specific subject.

Personally, I chose UTS for my higher education because of its acknowledgement and commitment to continuous improvement with the latest technology. They incorporate this continual improvement into their organizational structure and study models.

I'm from Kurunegala, Sri Lanka, and I found out about UTS via Instagram. Then I researched how the diploma will let me join UTS in 2nd year.

The best memory I’ve had in UTS has been the interactive workshops where UTS organizes professionals from different industries to share their knowledge and experience with students.

My mom is always my inspiration because I was boosted to work hard and make her proud when I remember how significantly she has contributed to my accomplishments so far. In order to overcome challenges, I always set plans such as establishing main and sub deadlines and objectives. Most importantly I will do my utmost to achieve my goals. Even if I fail I will continue to try to overcome the challenges.

UTS College has provided the best technology-driven education, qualified lecturers, standard university facilities as well as enabling many programs to enrich the students’ knowledge.  They share with us their expert experience and many more motivational stories.

UTS College also has a strong reputation anywhere in the world, so it makes me believe that accomplishments made through UTS will certainly be of great value – this motivates me to work harder to achieve my goals.

Its only been a month since I have joined UTS I have learned the basics of all the subjects. I am fully engaged in studies and continuously motivated through their study patterns. I have set a goal which is to commence an apparel factory.

I look forward to complete my degree in UTS as well as experiencing the culture, nature and lifestyle of the Australia.

I would like to advise future students of UTS to do their works earliest as possible to avoid uncertainties. I was brought up in Sri Lanka. I want to study managerial and financial accounting in UTS. I look forward to study in Sydney, to make lots of friends and to experience the Australian culture.

My favourite thing about our campus is its well-organized structure.  After my graduation my dream job is budget analysis. My favorite hobby is playing and watching cricket. When I play cricket, its make me feel better and its make me happier. My secret talent has always been the ability to make friends. I wish I was able to time travel.