For expert computer help, log on to the ITDS Service Desk Portal or call the ITDS Service Desk on (+61) 2 9218 7000.

ITDS Service Desk Operating Hours:

Weekdays:8.30am - 7.00pm

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Your UTS Student ID number is linked with a UTS e-mail account (Microsoft platform) and a number of key UTS systems. Please remember to always use your Student ID number as your username to login to these systems:

IT acceptable use and security policies

UTS College provides you with ITDS resources and facilities to assist with your studies. The facilities are also available for reasonable personal use. The ITDS Acceptable Use of Facilities policy describes your rights and responsibilities when using the services. By using the UTS College ITDS facilities, students agree to abide by this policy.

The ITDS Security Policy applies to all users of ITDS facilities and acceptance of the terms of this policy is a condition of using those facilities. Be safe online and keep UTS College's environment secure for everyone who uses it. This means you cannot:

  • give your password to another person, or have it in written form where it is likely to be seen by another person
  • obtain passwords which you are not authorised to have
  • use another person’s identification when signing onto a UTS College computer or network
  • use UTS College computing facilities for purposes not related to legitimate business or study activities
  • use UTS College computing facilities to purposely disrupt other users
  • introduce tools that could be used to hack, disrupt, or alter system software or alter system security
  • copy or load software of any kind onto any computer unless authorised by the systems manager or network administrator
  • access data on any UTS College computer or any computer via the UTS College network unless you have been assigned access rights to the data.